First Period of Euthanasia

Named after their location „T4", these headquarters listed all allegedly „unfit for work" and „incurably diseased" inmates of institutions and organized the holocaust in six specially established gas-chamber sites in the German Empire:

Gas-chamber institutions 1940/41
Grafeneck/Württemberg9839 victims
Brandenburg upon Have9772 victims
Bernburg upon Saale8601 victims
Hadamar near Limburg10072 victims
Hartheim near Linz18269 victims
Pirna-Sonnenstein13720 victims

False Information and forged death certificates were sent to the families. On request they received the alleged ashes of their deceased next of kin. Until the end of the gas killings in August 1941, more than 70 000 people had died in the gas-chambers, screened as shower-rooms. In 1942 the gas extermination institutions were reconverted to asylums or were used to kill inmates of concentration camps. The bulk of the „T4" staff moved to concentration camps in Poland where they were involved in the „extermination of the European Jews".
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