First Period of Euthanasia

In Germany „T4" controlled Euthanasia-murders expanded all over the „Reich". In many institutions patients were killed by physicians and nurses with overdoses of medication or died of starvation. Due to intesified air raids inmates had to vacate their beds for military purposes and were moved to Euthanasia-institutions like Hadamar, Eichberg and Kalmenhof/Idstein to be killed there.

Additional victims of this second phase of Euthanasia were people found in a state of confusion after air raids, forced labourers suffering from tuberculosis and „half-jewish" inmates of remand homes.

Not even ill or retarded children could escape this destruction. In special „Kinderfachabteilungen" (infant wards) between the years 1939 - 1945, 5000 babies and little children were first „kept under observation" and „examined" for „scientific" reasons and subsequently poisoned.

Jewish inmates of institutions fell victim to earlier extermination campaigns. Regardless of their mental or physical state, they were all murdered in gas-chambers. The holocaust didn't end until allied troops marched in. Many patients died later on due to physical exhaustion and malnutrition.
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