First Period of Euthanasia

The Killing of Patients in the Landesheilanstalt Hadamar 1941 - 1945

In November of 1940, the Hadamar Institution was leased to the Euthanasia-Zentrale in Berlin by the President of the province Hessen-Nassau and vacated. As the last of six gas extermination institutions it became part of the dark history of Nazi-psychiatry. Between January and August of 1941 more than 10 000 children, women and men were killed with monoxide gas in a gas-chamber screened as shower facility.

Their bodies were burned in incinerators. To disguise the murders the so called „department for letters of condolence" sent out death certificates not naming the real cause of death issued by a „Special Registry Office Hadamar-Mönchberg". The victims were transported to their death from asylums in the provinces and states of Hessen-Nassau, Hessen, Hannover, Rhineprovince, Westphalia, Baden and Württemberg.
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