Second Period of Euthanasia

After the ending of Euthanasia in August 1941, „T4"-craftsmen rebuilt the plant in the summer of 1942. But when the former proprietor took over again, the killing in Hadamar resumed in cooperation with „T4"-headquarters in Berlin. Of the 4817 patients received from within the borders of the „Reich" up to 1945, 4422 died of unnatural causes. During the day the institute's physician selected all the weak, ill or rebellious patients to be put to death. At night nurses and guardians carried out the order of death. Among them were staffmembers already involved in the gas exterminations of 1941.

Starting in 1943 „half-jewish" inmates of remand homes, labourers suffering from tuberculosis together with their children and psychically diseased soldiers were added to the Hadamar victims.

The bodies of the murdered were buried in mass graves at the asylum graveyard established in 1942. The graveyard was turned into a memorial site in 1964.

In todays Psychiatric Hospital Hadamar a memorial for the victims of the Nazi-Euthanasia-crime has been established since 1983.